Most of the time, human hair wigs with bangs are really attractive and nice. Apart from the wig’s colour, the styling on each of these wigs is usually a sight to behold. It is one thing to buy a wig that’s beautiful; it’s another thing to have an extremely nice one. Wigs with bangs already have a great and unique look that is noticeable from miles away. But these types of wigs also give you an opportunity to style your wig how you want.

That means you may be wearing one wig with a bang, but because of the different styles of the wig, everyone will believe you’re wearing different wigs. Usually, most people need to take their wigs to their hairdressing expert to get the best style. While this is the best option, styling a wig with bangs doesn’t require such formality. There are common types of wigs with bangs that you can try on your own. Of course, you may not get it right immediately, but it’s not too complex.

If you’re reading this article and want to learn how to style your wig with bangs, you’re on the right track. In this guide, we’ll explain all you need to know about styling your wig with bangs.

Materials needed

Before we dive right in, it’s important that we discuss the materials you’ll need to style your wigs with bangs. These materials will make the process of styling your wig with bangs convenient and more accurate. If you don’t have the following materials, we’ll advise that you take the hair to an expert to avoid mistakes. Some of the materials needed include;

  • Hair combs
  • Diffusers
  • Hair clips.

Once you have these materials, we can go into the styles you need. These styles are;

Straight wigs

The straight wig with bangs style is probably the most common bangs wig. It’s usually the most common because that’s the popular default for most wigs with bangs. The look leaves you looking classic and elegant, as well as gentle. Achieving this style is no trouble, as the major material needed is the comb. All you need to do is comb the bangs down as you bought it. After that, you can now style the bangs with a good cream.

 Side Swept

The side-swept style for wigs with bangs has to be the most elegant of all the styles. It is usually confusing, as people may find it hard to tell if it’s a wig with bangs. Achieving this look requires you to use the combs and the hair clips. First, choose the preferred side you want, hold the bangs with a clip to that side, and comb. When you’re done, add your cream to style.


The way to style the curtains isn’t different from the side-swept style. But this time, you’re dividing the bangs into two halves. With similar processes, hold one half and style it to one side before handling the other half.


Updo is a unique style where you want to display the bangs majorly. Therefore, you take the remaining part of the wig in another style, maybe a punny tail, and leave the bangs in front with either the curtain or the straight style.


If you never knew how to style a wig with bangs, the information in this guide gives great insight.