Taking a bath is something most people look forward to after a long day. It’s satisfying and rejuvenating; a perfect way to end your evenings. However, you will need an ideal jacuzzi bathtub to experience this goodness from the comfort of your home. Buying one can be stressful to first-time buyers since there is an array of them with different dimensions, shapes, and materials; this is evident if you browse the best stores like Alibaba. So, what questions should you ask as you prepare to buy a relaxing Jacuzzi bathtub?

Key Questions with answers to know as you buy a relaxing Jacuzzi bathtub

You want to make the correct decision because these bathtubs are a great investment, and you don’t want to buy one, then get bored with it after a few days. Here are questions to ask before purchasing a relaxing Jacuzzi bathtub.

How much space are you working with?

Know how much space you have before liking a particular Jacuzzi tub. Bathtubs are part of the bathroom, so you need room to fix them and still have enough remaining for the toilet, sinks, and other essential elements. Your measurements will guide you on getting a standard bathtub or variations. The regular tub is 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 14 inches deep. But, this doesn’t apply to all bathtubs due to the existing shapes. Note that how your pipes are set up on the floor also influences your bathtub choice.

What is the weight of the tub?

Jacuzzi bathtubs weigh differently depending on the material and extra installations. The tub carries its weight, but the water and the user make it even heavier during the bath. Your floors may need reinforcement before fixing, so consult your contractor first. Choose a tub whose weight can comfortably sit on your floors.

Does the tub need unique installations?

The Jacuzzi or jetted bathtubs need a special pump, electric timers, and air switches. Some pumps fit within the bathtub, and some function up to 5 feet away from it. They are mostly tucked away in cabinets or closets but function as desired. Also, where the timers and air switch are located matters, plus any additional element that contributes to the tub’s operation. Specify these conditions when buying the tub so the seller guides you on the best pick.

How comfortable is the bathtub?

It is hard to figure out this when shopping from an online store. However, you can read reviews online—some visit local stores to see a matching Jacuzzi bathtub and order online. You need to know how comfortable it is. Ensure you are satisfied with the size and length too.


Relaxing Jacuzzi bathtubs come in varying forms and sizes. But there are general elements to consider when buying any of the types. Ensure the intended location is big enough to fit, and the tub’s weight is okay for your bathroom floors. Determine all the special installations required based on the bathtub you want and ensure it’s comfortable for you. Check out stores or websites like Alibaba to get the best for your home.


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