Kisuke Urahara is a powerful character in a Japanese anime series known as Bleach. The character has a supporting protagonist role in the series. He is shown as the captain of a military organization 12th Division. He was also a founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. He also became the first president of this institute. This institute S.R.D.I. is an organization in the Soul society. This institute was created by kisuke urahara 110 years ago. The institute is looking for development in different technologies. Now, Mayuri Kurotsuki is heading the Shinigami institute. Kisuke and a group called Visored together founded the SRDI. 12th Division is one of the military organizations of Gotei 13. And SRDI has strong relations with them. Kisuke have had served in those military organizations.

Some background and basic info about Kisuke Urahara:

Kisuke Urahara resides in the world of Humans and earns his living through a small-scale convenience store, which provides Shinigami items for sale. This small shop is located in the small town of Karakura and fulfills all the needs of Shinigami. Urahara himself controls and manages the shop. There are also other workers in the shop. Their names are Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya. He also has one old close friend, Yoruichi Shihoin. He also guides and counsels his pupil, Ichigo Kurosaki. In the Japanese version of the series, the Kisuke character is given voice by Shin’chiro Miki. Whereas late Micheal Lindsey and Doug Erholtz gave their voice to this character and contributed in the series.

The appearance of Kisuke:

Kisuke is a tall guy with a lean body and light skin color. He has random and messy hair that is lightly blonde. Some strands of hair hang between his eyes. He often wears a dark-colored coat with printed designs of white diamonds. Under the coat, he wears green pants and shirt. He always keeps a fan with him. He uses his fan to hide his face according to the situation and occasion. For matching with his dress, he wears a hat that has white and green strips or bands. This hat often shadows his grey-colored eyes. He is a member of the Soul Society. During his early times in society, he used to be clean shaved, and the uniform he wore, was standard Shinigami. He always wore geta, which is a Japanese traditional sandal made of wood.

Personality of Kisuke:

Kisuke was an optimistic, pleasant and jolly type of person who never gave attention to people’s remarks about him. He was not worried about people’s behavior. He was a relaxed and composed type of person. 110 years ago, he was not the same person that we see today. He was a very shy, quiet, and frustrated person. He was also lack of confidence and did not how to deal in an emergency situation. He used to get easily puzzled and thus did not have any leadership qualities. But after becoming the captain, he took his role seriously and gradually improved his personality traits. He gradually became more confident and determined.


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