In order to cut off the rounded tip of the cigar, you will need a splitter. It’s more common to call it a blade, but you might also hear people refer to it as a cigar cutter or even scissors. The splitter can be utilized in a great many different contexts. However, what exactly is meant by the term “blunt splitter”?

It is useful for cutting through cigars that are too blunt. This is the perfect instrument for making clean cuts on cigars. In point of fact, the sole purpose of the tool is to punch air holes into the head of the cigar, thereby rendering it combustible.

To cut your cigars, in addition to splitters, you can also use other cutting implements, such as punch cutters, scissors, knives, and so on. If you want to experience the full flavor and aroma of your cigar, it is essential to use the right cutter.

How to Use It?

The use of a blunt splitter can be broken down into the following steps:

Choose the Type of Splitter

Splitters come in a wide variety of forms. Although scissors and knives can be used to cut cigars, the larger hole diameter they create compromises the cigar’s flavor once it’s been smoked.

A Guillotine cutter designed for a smaller cigar should also be avoided. Get a splitter that is roughly the same size as your cigar if you smoke them. To prevent ripping the tobacco leaves from within the cigar, use a wet knife or scissors.

Cut the Cigar Head

Taking off the cigar’s cap is the next step. Simply insert the splitter’s blade into the notch near the cigar’s tip. If you insert it too forcefully, you risk crushing the tobacco leaves inside. For a clean cut, the cutter can be inserted and rotated several times.

If you need to make a big hole quickly, a punch cutter is a good tool to have on hand. When lighting up a cigar, make sure the rim’s diameter is the same as the cigar’s. Remove the cigar’s cap and cut it in half lengthwise using either scissors or a knife. To avoid damaging the tobacco leaves inside, cigars should be handled with care at all times. Simply insert the punch cutter blade into one end of the cigar and twist to create a perfect circle at the top.

Smoke and Enjoy

After the cigar has been properly sliced, it can be lit and enjoyed for its full flavor. It is recommended to first evenly light the tobacco leaves. After that time, you can usually start puffing on it. Keep your hands away from the hot part. Use a cigar holder at all times.

What is the Benefit of Using It?

This is the quickest and most reliable method for severing your cigar neatly in half. This protects the cigar’s delicate tobacco leaves and preserves the cigar’s signature aroma and flavor.

When compared to cutting it with scissors or a knife, the resulting hole will be smaller. This will prevent as much smoke from escaping at the cigarette’s end, extending the smoking session and preserving flavor. The majority of splitters today feature an ergonomic handle that is easy to hold for extended periods of time. They soften up and turn into something more manageable than, say, a knife or pair of scissors.

You won’t have to worry about cutting through a cigar’s tobacco leaves thanks to this handy tool. If the smoke can’t escape, your cigar loses its flavor and aroma.

This device is ideal for piercing cigars’ caps because its hole diameter is narrower than that of common cutting implements like scissors or knives. One need not be particularly well-versed in this matter so long as they are able to stick one end in a fire.

End Thoughts

A blunt splitter is an essential tool for cigar smokers. Cigars are at their most aromatic and flavorful when freshly lit, and this tool makes removing the cap quick and easy without bruising the tobacco inside.


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