Life is like a roller coaster; one moment you are up, the next step requires you to be down. Seasons too, follow the same pattern. Some are rosy, while others present with a fair share of challenges. Winter, for instance, can alter how you run your life significantly. Freezing temperatures limit your water supply and damages pipes as they struggle to keep abreast with the extreme temperatures thrown at them.

In the garden, it becomes even harder to run your pressure washer. When water freeze, volumes drop drastically and leave you hanging on the Psi only. But you don’t have to wallow in misery; look around to see how your counterparts play clever and pull through successfully. The car guys leverage RV heated water hose to unfreeze water and maintain the flow. You can steal the idea and flow with gravity too.

When ice forms inside your water pipes, they cause them to stretch way beyond their limits and burst when the weight becomes unbearable. Leaking pipes pose a danger to humans and animals as bacteria, and other pathogens take advantage of the cracks. A heated water hose makes the conditions bearable.  Some brands come with numerous built-in features that stop water from freezing. For instance;

Giraffe’s heated hose features a 15 ft length which is ideal for warming pressure washer water

The 15 ft length is appropriate for portability and manoeuvrability. With that length, you can easily set up the hose without it tangling; neither is it too short of causing leakages. The size is generous enough to connect points without you having to pull it. To make it more user-friendly, the developer has put Velcro cuffs on each end to insulate connections and protect against leakage.

Giraffe’s heated hose features a quality material safe to supply clean water safe for drinking and for pressure washer

The inner surface features a particular type of PVC ideal for transporting and storing drinking water.

It is also free from corrosion and doesn’t form a coating responsible for the contamination. CPVC is suitable for heating drinking water and has a cover with superior insulation.

The connections on end adopt lead-free brass fittings that fit correctly to prevent leakage and free from odor. Tight fittings can benefit you immensely. It means your workstation remains dry and free from dampness.

Also, you can minimize water loss, which translates to small utility bills.

Giraffe’s heated hose has reliable connections and is safe for use with a pressure washer

The 15 ft, 25 ft, and 50 ft is a powerhouse of advantages. It self regulates and is safe to use for use indoors and outdoors. With a GFCI in place, you can enjoy a continuous water supply in your garden even if the temperatures drop below 20 F.

When it comes to energy saving, this is where the giraffe’s heated hose shines the most; the cover is sensitive to external temperature and regulates the current accordingly.

The GFCI has an LED indicator that reads water level and protects against current surges and lightning. When the system lets in insanely high current, it protects against overheating by switching off automatically.

Final thoughts.

Giraffe’s heated hose is highly adaptable; you can carry it when traveling and help heat your RV’s and trailers. A garden is an excellent tool for unfreezing your water and ensures a constant supply of water for your pressure washer, and it can still double as a heating unit for your drinking water.  Self-regulating technology helps it function even when the temperatures drop below 20 F.


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